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About Golden Triangle Eye Clinic

Golden Triangle Eye Clinic opened in 2010 after Dr. Ford took a moment to reevaluate his life. With just a single assistant, Dr. Ford has grown Golden Triangle Eye Clinic and we are now serving the Golden Triangle area with 4 highly trained technicians as well as one very large, bald optometrist.

We strive for patient satisfaction as our HealthGrades rating will show. We work hard to treat each and every patient like a member of our family, not a number to be calculated and processed. We know our patients time is valuable and we treat it as such, but we believe that efficient doesn’t have to mean rushed.

We proudly set ourselves apart from the competition with our great efficiency. This allows us to take walk-ins daily, which no other clinic in the Golden Triangle Area does on a regular basis. We keep several slots vacant on purpose so that the broken pair of glasses, or lost set of contacts doesn’t ruin a special event, or keep you from getting your driver’s license renewed!

Stop by or make an appointment. We are waiting for you!

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